Take Control: Seven Steps to Independence©

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KTi’s Take Control: Seven Steps to Independence©

Welcome to our Entrepreneur Apprenticeship Course. The course and our help are provided free as our COVID Response.

The course is available now and is free with no registration required.
Each Step begins with theory and is followed by exercises to apply it to your company. Think of it as your Entrepreneur Apprenticeship.

By the time you complete the course, your company will have:

  • a business plan you can use to raise money or apply for credit,
  • design for your product or service which you have calculated will be profitable,
  • a marketing strategy including social media and search engine tactics,
  • a sales strategy (and we’ll teach you how to sell it, too),
  • a chart of accounts, an officially registered name, website and…
  • your own independent, operating company. All you need add is you.

You do not need any specific talent to be an entrepreneur. You do need a willingness to work hard, an idea (which we’ll help you find), and the seven skills which we’ll teach you.

Take Control’s Seven Steps to Independence are:

  • The Idea – We’ll show you how to find a product or service to sell (your Solution).
  • Validate the Idea – We’ll teach you how to validate the idea, ensuring that it has a suitable market, enabling you to set an objective on which to build a vision and your hopes.
  • Design your Solution – You’ll learn how to use the market research you did in Step 2, to design a solution that your prospects will buy and keep on buying. We’ll show you how to design your solution’s components and functions so that they satisfy your clients’ needs and wants.
  • Market – Covers how to market your solution. Finding prospects, giving them the information they need, qualifying and nurturing them until they become hot leads, ready for you sales process.
  • Implement – We’ll teach you how to register your company and make it real, and then how to run it including legal, banking and accounting.
  • Sell – You’ll learn to turn the leads generated by your marketing into clients who keep coming back for more. Marketing and Sales are skills you CAN learn.
  • Continuous Process Improvements – Shows you how to iterate your way to a better and better solution over time, improving customer satisfaction, gaining referrals and a stronger and more stellar reputation.

You don’t have to do this alone. By registering on The Launchpad, our forum, you can ask – or answer – questions and talk to people just like you. And we’ll join in with some help if we feel we can add something. You can also use The Launchpad to request some free, one-on-one consulting with us.

Please Note: You need only register on site if you need help. If you want to start using the course immediately, go ahead and download the Zip file now. 

The Course Zip File Contains:

  • Your Take Control Course Book. A PDF with 186 pages of all you need to know, to launch and run a Startup.
  • The PDF Whitepapers and Excel spreadsheets referenced in the Take Control Course Book. There are 13 additional documents (14 in all), ranging from spreadsheets which you will use to form your Business, to explanations of a specific topic as Social Media Marketing. 

We wish you the best of luck. Remember, if you need some help, register on The Launchpad.

If you would prefer not to download the PDF and would like  instead to work your way through the course online, you can do so on our partner’s site—COBRA, South Africa. Click this  link to start.


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If you prefer not to download the Take Control course PDFs and would like  instead to study the course online, you can do so on our partner’s site—COBRA, South Africa. Click here to start. 

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