About Us

 KTi is a Microsoft Teams App Developer



Microsoft Teams Apps boost productivity with Klippas

Our Team

Our team has >100 years of software development experience, working with companies like Ameritech, Bell Canada, British Telecom, The Canadian Government, Dofasco Steel, Exxon and many others.
Our apps have won best product awards and are used enthusiastically all round the world.

Our Vision

KTi: Helping to make every day your best ©
Our apps do this by…

  • being so easy to learn you’ll be an expert user in five minutes
  • doing what you want them to do, at the speed you need
  • using articulate user interfaces to show you what the app can do and how to do it
  • having your back: Infallible and always there.

Our Mission

Surprisingly powerful apps with five minute learning curves ©
Our apps are so easy to learn and use, you’ll be surprised by the increase in your productivity.

To accomplish this, we:

  • study the way people do a specific job function. The people we work with are volunteers, who get free use of the app for life in return for their help
  • design the app to make the job easier and quicker
  • design the app’s articulate user interface
  • build a minimum version and give it to the users to test
  • build in their feedback, give the app back to them to test again, and repeat until they say…
  • we want to use it to make every day our best!
  • submit another KTi app to Microsoft to be certified.

It’s a great deal of work. Months of thinking and design before we even begin building the app. Is it worth it? Why not take a free trial and find out for yourself!

KTi’s User-Driven apps

We never tire of asking how we can make your life better. We love hearing from you! We’re so serious about feedback, we promise:

  • every KTi app has a built-in feedback command
  • every KTi webpage has a feedback button
  • KTi responds to every item of feedback
  • we evaluate and reply to all suggestions for new features

If we don’t think the suggestion should be added, we’ll tell you and explain why.
If we adopt your suggestion, we award you a free user licence, for life.