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Privacy Policy


Klippas Technologies inc, KTi, is a Microsoft Partner and Software Developer.

In this Agreement, the words we, us and our refer to KLIPPAS technologies inc. located at 2911 Bayview Ave, Suite 110G, M2K-1E8, Toronto, Canada.

We are the publishers of:

  • Kippa, The Personal Assistant for Microsoft Teams: Your Teams infallible memory ©.
  • Easy$, the easiest and fastest way to publish and sell your app on Microsoft ©.
  • Take Control: Seven Steps to Independence©  Take Control is a course on how to launch and grow a Startup and is our COVID Response, provided free to all.

This Privacy Policy covers visitors to the KTi website and all users/students of the Take Control course. 

In this Agreement you means:

  • a visitor to our site,
  • anyone who registers on our site to add their name to our list, or to provide feedback or comment on our blog,
  • a student of our course, Take Control: Seven Steps to Independence ©,
  • a user of our free consulting service The Launchpad. 

Personal Data We Collect

Our site employs Google Analytics to track your visit. Google may use cookies for its own and our tracking purposes, and although it may record your IP address, it does not provide it to us. The Analytics data that Google provides us, is in aggregate form only, in which you appear only as one among the unidentified visitors to our site. For more on Google Analytics cookies and data collection policies, please read this.

We use Mailchimp to handle all registrations on site. Mailchimp use cookies to track your visit, and it does record your IP address if you chose to register. To learn more about Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy and its use of cookies, please read this. You need not register on our site, and if you do, the only personal information we record about you is your name and email address.

If you download the Take Control course without registering, we will only know that you added one to our download count, and the time and date you did so. You will remain anonymous. You will also add one to Google’s view of our site.

If you registered to use The Launchpad, we will assume you have read and accepted its guidelines, and consulted its FAQ. We will retain your name, email address and password, to allow you to login again when you choose to do so.

We will never sell, rent or publish the names and email addresses of people who register on our site.

If you elect to enter a comment on our blog, or post to The Launchpad, we will moderate your entered text to minimise SPAM and to ensure you have complied with our guidelines. If you have not done so, you may, depending on the breach, be given an opportunity to remedy the issue. Once published, all such posts or comments are considered to be in the public domain, thus honouring your intent in submitting them.

By using The Launchpad, you agree that all information you post in it, is considered to be in the public domain. We do not restrict membership to The Launchpad and you should thus not enter any information concerning your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), unless you are comfortable doing so.

If you need help as a student of Take Control and are reluctant to discuss your idea publicly on The Launchpad, use the Free Consulting Request form to begin an offline session via email. Your Idea will always remain your exclusive Intellectual Property. Any information you provide to us in a private email or consultation, will be protected with the same diligence we use to protect our own IPR.

You may unsubscribe from our site or company at any time, and may terminate your use of Take Control at any time. At your request, we will expunge your name from our list and delete your posts on The Launchpad.

Complaints, inquiries and requests

Requests to access, update, restrict or delete personal information, should be submitted to info@klippas.com. Please mark any all requests with the subject–Privacy Concern, to bring it to the attention of our Privacy Officer.

Last updated: 1 October, 2020