KTi, makers of Kippa, Reminders for Microsoft Teams, is pleased to announce its COVID Response!

Are you one of the millions of people rendered unemployed by COVID?  We’re offering a free course, free consulting and a little hope to some of you.  The offer is available to all but will be of use only to those brave enough to try something new.

Do you have what it takes to launch a company? You don’t need much money or any talent to be an entrepreneur. Our course will teach you all you need to know, to start and run a company. We’ll even show you how to find an idea for a product or service.

The course, Take Control: Seven Steps to Independence ©, is available now and is free with no registration required. Each step begins with theory and is followed by exercises to apply it to your company. Think of it as your Entrepreneur Apprenticeship. By the time you complete the course, your company will have:

  • A business plan you can use when trying to raise money or credit.
  • a design for your product or service which you can provide at a profit.
  • a marketing strategy including social media and search engine tactics.
  • a sales strategy (and we’ll teach you how to sell it, too).
  • a chart of accounts.
  • an officially registered name, a website and…
  • an independent, operating company, with you at the helm.

All you need add is you.

Our side of the deal: Click the download button, remain anonymous, and work through the course at your own pace. Or, download the course, and if you want some help, register on The Launchpad to ask a question or discuss your concept with a seasoned pro. All this is free.

Your side of the deal is up to you. From now on, you’re the boss. Imagine providing a product or service you’re passionate about to clients you care about and who care about you, earning money you only dreamed of, and not working a day because you’re loving every minute. In charge, in control.

If you follow the seven steps and work diligently on the exercises, your idea will transform into a well-structured, and above all, believable, plan. And as it becomes more real and achievable, you’ll get more and more energized. When you launch and start building revenues, success brings a buzz that keeps you motivated.

You will need a computer (laptop or desktop), an Internet connection, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation apps, and the drawing app you need to design your solution.  As for money – the price of registering a company varies by country and area, around $500 should cover it. The rest is dependent on your idea.

Take your first Step now and start rewriting your future today.

We’ve also published a series of posts which explain how to apply the course’s theory to a real live example of a Startup. We used Klippas Technologies inc as we figured no one could complain we’d be infringing on any one else’s rights this way, and as our app Kippa, Reminders for Microsoft Teams, is now alive and well, by reading the posts you will learn more about how to use the course to launch your own startup. The first post describing the birth of Kippa, our Personal Assistant for Microsoft Teams, is here.

The second post describing Kippa’s story on his way to becoming a Reminder app for Microsoft Teams can be found here. Posts number #3 and #4 are also on our blog already and will be followed by the rest of the series.