Kippa is the name of our Reminders for Microsoft Teams app. Named so because he’s KTi’s Personal Assistant, but also in honour of Kipper, a fictional character.

Kippa’s birth is related in this series of posts.  Early in the process of building an app for Microsoft Teams, in the beginning of the pandemic lockdown, we decided to pay forward our experiences working  in Canada’s tech industry. Our COVID Response is a free course and free consulting on how to launch and grow a Startup.

This series of posts, is a real-world example of the course’s theory being put into practice. The first post in this series introduced Take Control: Seven Steps to Independence©. You can download it here for free, no registration required.

Post #2 in the series, explained how Klippas Technologies inc applied the course’s theory to produce  its Microsoft Teams’s Personal Assistant, Kippa. We explained how we thought of the idea for a reminder app for Microsoft Teams, and then how we validated it against the competition and its market.

Post #3 in this series reviewed our calculations and answers to Exercises 4, 5 and 6 of the course.

Post #4 in the series used those exercises, to construct a business plan for Kippa – Reminders for Microsoft Teams.

The theory behind designing a solution was covered in Post #5 in the series. That post showed you the process we used to design Klippas Technologies inc’s Kippa, your Microsoft Teams Personal Assistant.

Post #6 continued the story by following the Take Control theory to design of Kippa, our Reminder app for Microsoft Teams.

Post #7 gave a brief overview of our marketing process and strategy. Why brief? In a word: Competition. A reminders for Microsoft Teams app is already available. It’s an exact copy of /Remind from Slack, a compliment to Slack, while at the same time a rip off.

As the course related, the name Klippas was coined when we were going to produce a physical product which we’d called a Klip because it was a plastic clip. It was a game in which players, called Klippas, obviously, used Klips to build structures from playing cards. And then when we came to our senses and switched back to a field we know well, we retained the name because it already…

  • Was a registered corporation, a legal entity.
  • Had a registered NUANS search to prove its name was unique (hence the terrible spelling),
  • and, most importantly perhaps,

If you want to know the details of how all that works in theory, read Step 6 in the course. As for us, Kippa, our Reminders app for Microsoft Teams is well on his way to being alive and well and in the hands of the public.

Kippa has had a difficult birth. Developing software for Microsoft is a complex process. Developing a Microsoft Teams’s app, and remember our reminders app lives inside Microsoft Teams, is made more complex by parts of a OpenSource and it’s easy for one of the ten tools we use, to get out of update synch. And when they do, Kippa – Reminders for Microsoft Teams, dies and refuses to get off the bit bin.

But our beta test site is warming up. They are anticipating KTi’s personal assistant soon, and are on the lookout for something that looks a lot like this:

Kippa: Microsoft Team Reminder App.

Kippa: Microsoft Team Reminder App.

We’re also implementing our marketing and sales strategies and if you search Google for “Reminders for Microsoft Teams,” we’re on page one already. As for sales, we’ll like we said, we’re not giving that one away.

All we can say is, you should be able to buy Kippa – Reminders for Microsoft Teams from the Microsoft Store before the year’s end.

Photo by Kippa’s proud parent!