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Software Product Description: SPD—Kippa V1.0


Klippas Technologies inc, KTi,  is a Microsoft Partner and Software Developer. We are the publishers of Kippa – Reminders for Microsoft Teams, and Take Control: Seven Steps to Independence ©.

In this SPD—Software Product Description—the words we, us and our refer to Klippas Technologies inc. located at 2911 Bayview Ave, Suite 110G, M2K-1E8, Toronto, Canada.

This SPD describes the features and functions in Version 1.0 of our app, Kippa – Reminders for Microsoft Teams.

The SPD specifies our commitment to provide Kippa – Reminders for Microsoft Teams’ features and functions in the manner described below.


Depending on your device, you interact with Kippa – Reminders for Microsoft Teams, by using a mouse and keyboard (on a desktop), or your fingers on a tablet or phone.

You interact with Kippa – Reminders for Microsoft Teams by entering text into his message bar.

You can invoke Kippa in one of two ways:

By typing @Kippa into the Teams Message Bar, as shown below:

And then waiting for the prompt:

and then entering your command; or you may do this all in one step as follows:

If you enter ? or Help, you will be presented with the following:


When clicked or tapped, these buttons will display the following information:

Help = This information again.


Who is one or more of:

@TeamMember = person in this channel

@ChannelName = the named channel – all participants

@Team = entire Team instance

@Tag – Microsoft Teams Tag

Me = results in a personal reminder only – i.e. just to the user issuing the reminder.

What is the text of your reminder and will usually be a verb or task. Text entered will be repeated verbatim in your reminder

When = date and time. Reminders may be repeated or recurring. The smallest unit of time Kippa – Reminders for Microsoft Teams, understands is seconds.

Snooze n = Used to snooze a just issued reminder for n minutes.


Remind me to call @TeamMember at 4pm tomorrow

Remind me to call Rob tomorrow at 1600

Remind me to call Rob once a week starting at 2pm on the 19th of June and [stop, or…] ending ([or end] one year later

Remind @rob to call me every day at 2pm

For List, Edit or Delete commands:

Kippa – The Reminder App for Microsoft Teams, issues your Reminders like this:

Kippa Says: Check in with Tracy at 3PM

Enter Command K, then type in Snooze and a value in minutes to set the value for when you should be reminded again.

You may repeat the Snooze function 3 times before Kippa – The Reminder App for Microsoft Teams deletes it and asks you to re-enter it.

You may use the List command and then select Reminders to edit (if they have not been issued yet), or delete past, present (today’s which have not been issued) or future.

Admin Functions

As Kippa – Reminders for Microsoft Teams Admin user, you can:

    1. Purchase and load our app into your Teams Instance.
    2. Make it available to the members of your Team.
    3. Adjust the number of users accessing Kippa – The Reminder App for Microsoft Teams.

You perform these functions on our website, not within Kippa – The Reminder App for Microsoft Teams.