Launchpad guidelines


Welcome to KTi’s Launchpad support foruM

Welcome to KTi’s Launchpad support forum.
The Launchpad is intended to help you solve problems 
launching your Startup.
Use of the Launchpad is free, but you must register to gain access.

If you’re new to posting, please read the FAQ first. 

User expectations

The Launchpad is all about helping each other – please be kind, helpful, and respectful. Assume the best in people and try to make things better. Don’t be negative unless you are offering constructive feedback.

By all means, use The Launchpad to find a solution to your problem, but if you see a question and know the answer, please feel free to answer it. The more diverse the answers, the more they inspire! 

When you first visit The Launchpad, spend a few minutes looking at the posts. When you feel you know your way around, go ahead and post your question in the relevant Step’s forum.

The Launchpad is a public space. Yes, you do have to register, but that doesn’t prevent people from remaining anoynmous. You may, if you wish, be specific about your idea in your post, but be careful about revealing your concept in this public space. While KTi promises to respect everyone’s Intellectual Property Rights, other people on The Launchpad may not. If you need to be specific about your idea when you ask your question, say so in your post and we’ll take the conversation off line via email.

Remember to check the box to receive email notifications when someone posts to a topic you are participating in. In this way, you will be notified when your issue has been answered, or when someone adds to the discussion.

If you violate our Guidelines, your posted response will be flagged by a moderator. The moderator will then need to approve your post. This is a temporary restriction and will be removed when the moderator has resolved the situation. If you break the guidelines a second timeyour account will be deactivated and you will no longer be welcome on The Launchpad. 

Contacting the moderators

If you feel a post is unsuitable or contravenes our guidelines, please use the ‘Report this topic’ link on every thread. That will add the post to a queue tracked by a moderator. Please add a detailed reply explaining why you feel the way you do.

If immediate action is needed, or the situation is not in a specific post, feel free to use the Contact Form on our site to make us aware of the situation.

Please consult the FAQ before contacting the moderators.


About adult content

The Launchpad is intended to help people become an entrepreneur. Its purpose is serious; it is not intended as a bawdy house or medium for jokes of any kind. While you are welcome to inject some humour into your posts and questions, please do so knowing that a diverse range of people may read your words.

Refrain from using foul or disrespectful language.

Do not spam

The Launchpad exists to help students of our course get help when needed.

Please do not use the forum to post any material which is not related to the course or your solution. Do not try to use the forum for any form of self-promotion. Any use of SPAM will result in your account being deactivated immediately.

Please do not use The Launchpad in an attempt to sell anything to anyone.

Do not bump posts

Do not bump posts. Bumping a post to “the top” does not get it noticed sooner. When someone bumps a post, it disappears from the ‘No Replies’ view.

When a post is bumped, it becomes more difficult to discover it and thus reduces its chances of getting help.

Moderators will delete bumps to place the posts back into the No Replies listing where they are more likely to be answered.

Do not offer to buy or pay for help

Any post that offers services (or anything else) for money will be closed as soon as it is detected.

Requests offering to pay anyone in return for their help will be deleted as soon as they are detected.

Use of The Launchpad is free and we insist on keeping it that way.

Do not post about commercial products

The Launchpad is not an advertising medium.

Please do not post any ads for your solution or any other product or service. This is considered self-promotion and will not be tolerated.

Do not create multiple accounts (sockpuppets)

Do not create multiple accounts, aka sockpuppets. Sockpuppetry is often used for nefarious reasons.

All sockpuppet accounts will be deactivated immediately.

Links to other resources

Given the intended use of The Launchpad, the only external links allowed within your question or answer must be to sites or pages which contain more information about the issue.

If you use external links for SPAM or self-promotional purposes – your account will be deactivated.

Before you post a link to additional information, please consider copying the information and pasting it into your entry. Links, websites and URLs change: Someone looking for an answer in the future may never find the information because the link is broken or leads to the wrong page.

General guidelines

The Launchpad is intended to be a friendly place where you get help or offer it to others. Occasionally, a topic may be moderated, either by being edited, or in some cases completely removed, in which case the offending account may be deactivated.

While we hope you understand this already, the following are likely candidates for moderation or intervention:

  • Do not post email addresses, ask others to post their email or solicit contacting people off of the forums.
  • Do not post login information, even test IDs and test passwords.
  • Do not post simply to request feedback on your solution.
  • Do not post another person’s private information (job, gender, living situation, location, etc.).
  • Do not harass or abuse people. Respond to a post only if you have a valid and constructive comment to make.
  • Do not abuse the ‘Report this topic’.
  • Do not post SPAM and affiliate links, links to offensive posts, or to posts without content.
  • Do not post in all caps. It makes it difficult to read.
  • Do not seek legal, accounting, banking advice or any professional advice on The Launchpad. While we are happy to offer some help when we can, and users of the forum may do the same, the advice and help you receive are provided free of charge. Bear that in mind when reading it, and if you do decide to follow it, understand that you do so entirely at your own risk.
  • Do not threaten lawsuits or any other legal action on the forums.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Every post is judged on its own merits.

And that’s all.

Enjoy your visit to The Launchpad. And, when you do get an answer, please mark your topic as “Resolved”. Thanks.