Can I get some help funding my Startup?

Perhaps, but not via The Launchpad or KTi. If you need money to launch, contact your banker or your friends and family who can invest in return for a percentage of your company.

How long…

It matters not what you are asking the question about – the simple answer is we don’t know how long it will take you to do the course, launch your company, or the time it will take to be successful. We’re having enough trouble answering these questions about own Startup .

How much…

Again, we will not be able to answer this type of question. Look up the answer in Google or a different search engine.

Do you make introductions to…

No, we don’t provide networking services and we will not introduce you to anyone, other than the people you may meet on The Launchpad.

Can you get a free copy of our Kippa?

You can get a free trial here, but no, we’re not giving away free versions.

Is there a time limit to complete the course?

No, go through it at your own pace.

Can I get help finding an idea?

Best advice we can give you is to read The Seven Steps, Step 1 – The Idea. If this doesn’t help, talk to your friends and family and do a gap analysis (see Step 1), to find something you could do.

Will someone tell me if I have a good idea?

If you ask on The Launchpad, someone may jump in and discuss it with you. But read our forum guidelines to understand that talking about your idea in public spaces may be a problem. Again, the best advice we can give you is for you to read Step 2, Validate the Idea. If you are stuck with one of the exercises while doing that, pose a specific question on The Launchpad and we will help you solve the problem.